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Yoga | Meditation | Healing

Born and brought up in India, Chavi is a certified yoga/meditation instructor, she learnt Yoga since childhood, with her dance training. She left India to receive her dance training where she developed Fibromayalgia. ON her return to India in 2012 she lived and Studied Yoga under, Omanad guruji, from Paramanand Yoga and Science (Indore), Siddhart Kumarji from Spiritual awareness (Aligarh). After healing her Fibromayalgia completely using breathing techniques and meditation, it has become her life's purpose to bring healing effects of yoga to everyone. Her work in Roxbury Tenants of Harvard ( low income housing), and Moving stories ( women in recovery), has helped many people benefit from yoga/meditation. 

Chavi, as a Choreographer was recently awarded by Boston foundation,for her research in martial arts( Kalaripayatt), using Pranic energy/chi to enhance endurance in dancers. Currently she teaches at, Five doors Yoga, in Cambridge, and Roxbury Tenants of Harvard. Her classes weaves together knowledge gained from her martial arts and dance training, breath work, proper alignment and meditation has been integral part of her practice. 


Yoga Therapy | Yoga Private

Yoga therapy is yoga applied in a specific way to treat certain Conditions. A yoga therapist understands the vital integration of mind, body, and spirit to heal the whole person. Classes include working one on one where the program is based on your condition and needs. The individual taking yoga therapy will be given a personalized routine to practice on a daily basis to address his or her specific needs the practice will be modified as the body heals to improve strength and flexibility. 


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Yoga | Meditation


Our yoga class includes moving from one posture to another with inner connection,working on bandhas ( body locks ) pranayamas and holding one posture and going deeper into a pose.Learning mental and physical aspects of the pose.Class ends with 15 min Savasana meditation.


Meditation : Chavi teaches a guided meditation using different breathing techniques to enhance and build mind body connection. Meditation styles include  Yoga Nidra, chakra meditation, Breath  and kundalini meditation. Class ends with a small sharing learnt from her teachers and from old spiritual textbooks. 

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