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Movement research based on the concept of Gap. Dancers are creating and filling gaps in the body, and considering what it means to find, explore, and fill emotional and physical gaps.

Created as part of Amassit Residency at the Dance complex in 2014.


Dancers: Sonia Santvoord, Chavi Bansal, Hai Dang Nguyen

Choreography: Chavi Bansal

Music Composed by: Andrew Trovato

Stop! I will never...

Just like sand slipping from a hand, the dancer sorts through memories in her diary. Piece is inspired by lines from an old journal of mine.

Explores the idea of entanglement; getting entangled in the hollowness of oneself.

Created in The Netherlands in 2011, at Dansateliers Production House.

Dancer: Katherine Lake

Choreography : Chavi Bansal

Music composed by : Andrew Trovato




Taking the concept of female infanticide, movement has been inspired by movement of a foetus in mothers womb womb. 

Dancers: Students of University of Stavanger ( Norway) 

Composer : Heicko Van Dijker

Choreographer : Chavi Bansal 






Touched By Water

Inspired by Female Infanticide in India, this movement research is based on the movement of water. It considers how water moves inside the body, as well as outside the body when in womb of a mother.

Created as part of Catalyst Residency at the Dance Complex, 2015; expanded from piece made in Norway in 2011.


Dancers: Sonia Santvoord, Katherine Lake, Jessie Stinnett, Jessica Chang

Music: Philip Glass - Symphony for Eight

Choreography: Chavi Bansal





Day after Day

Inspired by time spent in an Indian metro, and observing relationships that build up over the long journey, and considering the slow ticking away of time.

Created in India, 2013 as part of Friends of Art Residency.


Dancers: Chavi Bansal, Hai Dang Nguyen, Alex Davis

Music: Never Fall in Love Again - Dionne Warwick

Soundscapes by - Andrew Trovato

Choreography: Chavi Bansal





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