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Our Community Programs

Vimoksha works  in different communities across Boston with the aim to empower, connect and give people a voice through the medium of Art/Movement. Building a sense of safety and and a playground to experiment and grow together. For this purpose Vimoksha has collaborated with its partner organizations Roxbury Tenants of HarvardMoving stories Foundation and Moving Steps Foundation.

Moving stories

Chavi Bansal runs a sister company called Moving Stories Foundation along with Jenny Herzog and Meghann Perry. Moving stories partners with local organizations to produce live, full-length performances integrating storytelling with original music and dance. Our mission is to create high-quality arts productions that empower individuals within the community, creating a platform for them to share their voices and their stories. We strive to address relevant social issues, through the lens of personal experience, while enhancing the content of stories told through music and dance.

Breath and Balloons Youth project

Breath and Balloon is a youth Program started by chavi in differnt communities, to bring a sense of safety in their own bodies and with people around them. The workshop experiemnts with many differnt pace of movement from fast to slow and almost suspended, as slow as a moving balloon in the air. The idea behind this perfromance arts project to make people feel safe if they have to slow dowsn even if the world around them is moving at a very fast pace.

Wellness Programs

Kids Yoga and story telling 

This program was first started at RTH Roxbury Tenants of Harvard, to create a safe place for kids to share and do fun activity with yoga and story telling. Each 10 week session finish with field trip to a theater or cultural event, making kids feel a welcome part of the theater community.

Our other wellness programs include: 

Meditaive flow  Yoga 

Lunch break meditation/ Focused  mind 

Senior Chair Yoga 

Traditional Meditation

Traditonal Yoga 

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