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Hiring Dancers on rolling basis

Contemporary:  We hire contemporary dancers on a rolling basis, based in Boston, projects/repertory are assigned depending on your strengths. Dancers are encouraged to attend few company rehearsals to get familiar with the dance style. Please send Bio and Video footage to



Bollywood dancers: Currently hiring  female Bollywood dancers with a strong foundation in contemporary dance for productions in 2018-2019. Please send Bio and Video footage to




Community Programs:  Do you want to make a difference? Bring arts to different communities and people across Boston. Join us in our community programs by sending us a short bio and a statement of intent, stating what are your strengths and what would you like to share with the community.

Please send Bio and letter of intent to

Work-study opportunity

Vimoksha offers a work-study exchange program. Participants receive free dance training by attending all the ongoing company rehearsals in Dance,martial arts, yoga and meditation in return for completing administrative work shifts for a minimum of 3 months. This program is available for adults above 18 years of age. 

Collaboration with artists

We're always looking to collaborate with artists of every medium! If you're interested in doing a project with us, contact us with bio and ideas for collaboration.


Join our brigade of volunteers! Volunteers help with performances, special events and other sundry needs. In exchange, we comp you tickets and  gift cards. 

Internship - undergraduates, graduate students, or recent grads

Vimoksha has multiple internships available each season. Undergraduates, graduate students, or recent grads interested in pursuing careers in Arts Management are encouraged to apply. Interns will play an active role in the continued growth and evolution of the company, building their resume while making a difference in the  dance scene and communities. For more information, or to apply,

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