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Payatt Movement

Using essence of kalaripayatt ancient martial arts using inner body wisdom to move the body, class starts with establishing inner connections by using different exercises of centering from kalari, body is brought in movement using different energy systems and energy stored in the body, inturn achieving maximum impact and extensions from the body and using minimal muscular effort. slowly body is made ready for advance movements, the more you move the more energized you feel using the right systems and breath while in movement.


Stillness in motion

Slow movement practice derived by combining essence from Indian Mrtial arts, yoga/meditation and modern dance. Helps bring connection with your own self and when moving together as a whole group. This class involves  working with each other and staying connected with your own self. Helps in bringing big groups together and create a sense of union and community.

Compostion/ Choreography

Using different tools/assignments to generate movement, putting movement in a readable context. Learning how to use choreographic and compositional structures to say what we plan to say using the body.

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood is fun filled Indian dance which just brings joy to people. The vocabulary is taken from many dance genres including Indian classical dance and hip hop. It is upbeat, fast and very rythemic.


Chavi danced with a Bollywood Choreographer Ashley Lobo from 2003-2007, she did many bollywood shows with him including repertory from his Choreogrpahy in movie Dhoom. She danced for International film festivals and award ceremonies in Bollywood.

Contemporary dance

Chavi Bansal contemporary dance class pulls from different genres of dance including Floor work techniuque ( learnign how to safely move in and out of the floor) release technique, limon and Cunningham, to train and move the body.

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